Is your thesis time approaching soon? And you are not sure about your thesis topic yet? You must be suffering from confusing thoughts, i.e., "What should I write my thesis on?"

Whether you are a Ph.D., master's, graduate student, or undergrad, you must have written a thesis at least once or more in your career.

If your supervisor provides you with a thesis topic, You are the luckiest student. However, this will be such a critical time for you if this is not so. But do not worry, send us a “Write My Thesis” Request. Our experts will help you find out your main thesis topic.

This moment is important because it will help you decide what to learn in detail. Therefore, you need to be careful while selecting your topic.

But why ruin this exciting learning time by sticking to topic selection worries? Do not let your anxiety overcome your intellect.

Worry NOT. This article will guide you through simple and easy steps to select an interesting thesis topic.

Before selecting a topic, Keep in mind, It is very necessary to have a learning attitude. This way, you can develop a catchy topic and eventually.

Let's follow the simple steps to select a topic:

1. Brainstorming

Analyze your field of study and note down interesting research questions:

You have taken the program for 2-3 years for some major reasons. Recall your field of study.

To produce a thesis topic for you, keep your class activities, presentation, and lectures in your mind. Jot down all the interesting topics on paper or cell phones.

This thesis will go along with you in your career. Therefore, keep your plans in mind and then select the topic. Make sure to keep your interest a top priority.

Analyze your past work and published papers. Recall which topics had given you a tough time. Avoid those areas.

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Check updates of your field:

Research the market and your field of study. Select the top-performing topics of your subject. Keep in mind that your topic must be an attention grabber. You can find related topics on Google scholar, Magazines, conversations, podcasts, etc.

Analyze the gap in already published work

Thoroughly study the already published research. Look for ways. Select the topic where you find more space for practical work. This is how you will get new and modified topics.

After these observations, you will get a set of different ideas on which you can write a thesis.

2. Confining the ideas

Once you got a rough idea of all the research questions, you gathered them. Now follow the following steps to narrow your focus.

Exclude the uninteresting topics:

Review all the topics. Exclude the ones that do not offer a space for further research. Suppose something seems difficult to you. Cut it from your list. This will result in a set of few useful topics.

Discuss with your professor/supervisor

Share that list of topics with your supervisor. He will guide you more accurately according to your intellect. By doing so, you will take one more step toward finalizing your topic.

Choose a supervisor who has already done work on your selected topics. This will help you solve a thesis more professionally. He can give you more practical suggestions to complete your thesis in time.

He can guide you about the specific references, provide you with useful resources, and teach you every step.

Talk to your classmate

Discussing with your classmate can generate more ideas. Ask them if they have any questions in their mind. Dialogue with them can result in many points that will help you formulate a more attractive and catchy thesis statement.

By following these points, you will be in a stable enough position to finalize your topic.

3. Deciding your final topic

You must have the top 3 or 4 topics on your list until now. Let's select a winner among them.

Understand these topics:

It is high time that you fully understand the topics and explore on which topic more research questions can be generated.

Once you are fully aware of the topics, Write down all the possible research questions.

Select a topic that allows you to work more and give value to the field.

Finalizing an attractive thesis statement

Once you are sure about the topic, study the research questions, and check which question can be answered more deeply. Choose that as your thesis statement. This way, you will be able to write a good thesis topic and a successful thesis.

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3. Characteristics of a good thesis statement

Let's study some of the qualities of a good thesis statement:
  • A successful thesis statement contains a single clear idea that needs further confirmation.
  • A good thesis statement is of great interest to you, your supervisor, and the general public.
  • It should be a solution to some problem.
  • It targets a subject on which the majority of people show interest
  • It states a clear conclusion.

Let's have a look at some of the most popular thesis topics in different areas:

    For Technology background:
  • E.g. Effects of Technology on Society in the Last 20 years
    Use of computers and its effect on children

  • For Medical:
  • E.g. Effects of Technology on How to control the causes of pandemics?
    Effect of aging on physical and mental health.

  • For History:
  • E.g. Effects of Black plague
    Causes and impacts of World War II.

  • For Engineering:
  • E.g. the Importance of using renewable energy resources.

  • For Psychology:
  • E.g. Racism, bias, and discrimination
    Effect of favoritism and nepotism on society

Some other helpful tips for writing a thesis question:

Here are some other beneficial tips that can help you in generating a good thesis statement:

  • Always start by noting down all your ideas roughly in a list.
  • Keep your thesis topic a hook statement.
  • Try to choose a topic from your field of study. Selecting from your best presentations would be appreciated.
  • Perform extensive research before finalizing your thesis topic.
  • Try to include new aspects of understanding that topic.


Choosing a thesis topic seems hectic to most students. This is not as difficult a task as it seems.

Brainstorming, Narrowing down your niche, and deciding on the final statement are three simple steps that help you choose a topic for your thesis.Our Cheap Essay Writing Service Is The One Step Solution For All Your College Stress.

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