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research paper topics

The topic for your research paper holds great importance for your future academic records and your professional life so choosing a correct one must be on your top priority. It is not that easier since any topic you finalize is going to stick to your resume so make sure you do not choose something unlikely of yourself. Usually, this step consumes a good enough time and you end up being very close to your deadlines. This ultimately results in the loss of a potential timeline where you could perform much better.

What is a research paper?

A research paper is a study about a phenomenon, which can be physical or social. The main conclusions are set out in an orderly manner in a document. The study can be based on existing documents and/or surveys and interviews. The research paper is an individual or unpublished paper through which the student or interested person tries to apply, test or deepen the knowledge acquired of a particular subject. It serves to develop the investigative skills, expand the knowledge acquired, or more importantly, make him develop a critical spirit and a positive ability to face problems with scientific discipline and make correct decisions. It is a scientific procedure aimed at gathering information and formulating hypotheses about a particular social or scientific phenomenon.

Some Quick Tips to Select a Perfect Topic for Your Research Paper

In the light of the above-highlighted issue, we thought to share some quick tips to help you select a perfect topic for your research paper.

  • Be transparent about your area of interest which does not bore you while researching as you are going to hold it for the rest of your life.
  • Be different and choose a unique topic, i.e. make sure your research paper topic does not include something which is already under research by someone else. The cherry on top is that it will also help you secure some really good grades and you can be recognized among lots of other candidates.
  • Your topic should be clear, precise and very specific which can help you making research quite easily and without much of any hassle.

Some Random Research Paper Topics

To avoid losing much of your time while choosing a topic only, we have gathered some potential random topics for research papers. We are sure this list is going to help you a lot and save you quite a good enough time for your overall deadline.

Science and Technology Research Paper Topics

  • What may happen if NASA finds life on other planets?
  • Effects of Cybercrime and how to stay safe from its scams.
  • Cheap and easily available driverless cars for the public.
  • Next level of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Demand and supply for natural resources.
  • An automatic way of understanding animal language.

Social Research Paper Topics

  • Official Setup for Working Mothers Worldwide.
  • Massive increment in Alcohol usage and tips to control it.
  • Equalization of minimum wage rate versus economy of the country.
  • Time to stop considering working late hours as a perfect and sincere employee.
  • Freedom of Speech versus being offensive to any particular thing.
  • Body Language of human beings in their regular lives.

Legal Research Paper Topics

  • Human rights versus animal rights in civilized countries.
  • Harassment at the workplace, public place or home; it has to stop.
  • Organ donation with or without the consent of an individual.
  • Bullying children and effects on their post lives; for both Victim and Offender.
  • Censoring copyrighted data.
  • Illegal downloading of media data worldwide.
  • Control over Journalism; Proper Process for Spreading Correct News Only.
  • Women's rights for holding top Government positions in Asia.

Environment Saving Research Paper Topics

  • What is the usage of coal doing to the environment? Stricter environment regulations are highly required.
  • Control over Traffic pollution; what humans are inhaling in this polluted air?
  • How to control Global warming and what will happen in case of negligence?
  • How can noise pollution affect patients having critical diseases?
  • Tips to preserve the end of endangered species.
  • Reducing trees; the death of natural beauty and the birth of the destroyed world.
  • How wind energy is targeting to change the world.
  • Garbage dumping into seas; Damaging sea life and how to prevent it?
  • Providing clean drinking water to all; responsibility of government or environmentalists?
  • Recycling your waste can make this a better world.

Health Related Research Paper Topics

  • Drinking clean water and its effect to improve human lives drastically.
  • The most efficient way of birth control and its advantages for women’s bodies.
  • End of AIDS from the world; possible or is it just a myth?
  • How to end the misuse of cocaine, tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana?
  • Depression, stress and anxiety; It needs proper treatment for every suffering person.
  • Obesity; a disease.

Education Related Research Paper Topics

  • Obsoleting illiteracy from Asia.
  • Making the world easier for Blind, Dumb, Deaf and other Special Children.
  • Limited screen time in childhood leads to a better human.
  • Importance of career counseling at the right time.
  • Understanding of life cycle graph among school going kids; Awaiting a better future with good humans.
  • Students using social media at a very young age are destroying their lives; true or false?

Business Related Research Paper Topics

  • What helped Steve Jobs to grow this faster and what are the potential areas to bring further improvement in the market?
  • Impact of taxation on a small scale and home-based businesses.
  • Time management skills to reach the top in a short time.
  • Happy Employees are key to success for any business along with happy customers.
  • Use of creative marketing for increasing the sales graph.
  • Entertainment Related Research Paper Topics

    • Women in every field of Sports; A good idea for future Olympics.
    • Are we going towards obsoleting newspapers completely?
    • Impact of reality shows on youngsters.
    • Making media top-ranked celebrities a role model; a good idea or a bad idea?

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