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An essay is a genre born in the deep reflections that philosophers made about everything that "afflicted" humanity. It is embellished with the multiple rhetorical figures used. One of the most frequently written essays is argumentative essay. It is a very common task in academic life. This type of text is very useful and practical, not only allows you to say what you think about a subject but reflexively you spin your ideas to generate empathy with the reader.

What Is An Argumentative Essay?

The argumentative essay is a type of text, usually academic, in which the author presents his ideas regarding a specific subject while explaining the reasons why he has assumed a certain position towards it. In the argumentative essay, one always seeks to publicize a topic, the ideas that it has and defend them based on a certain position on another contrary that may exist.Thus, the reader has the opportunity to know both the subject and the reasons why the author uses his approach and builds his own opinion about it. If you want to move towards a fluid and neat writing of a text of this nature, you must know what it is done for. Beyond reflecting conscientiously on a subject, you must convince and persuade your potential readers that your approaches are the most successful.

Help Me Write My Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is carried out by selecting a topic to be addressed and allowing both the position of the main author and supporting authors to be used on it to validate it. Before serializing the steps to follow for its elaboration, you have to know the basic structure of an argumentative text, which can be slightly modified depending on the communicative intentions.

Choice of a topic:You must know what you are going to talk about. You can never start writing if you don't have a defined north. Do not confuse the topic with the title: the subject is the field where the text is inserted. The title summarizes the specificity with which the subject will be treated.

Documentation:Can you write about what you don't know or don't master enough? Although the essay is your own opinion, it is always good to inquire a little more. This will give greater strength of conviction and solidity to the arguments.

Scheme or work script:Is it easier to make a house without a frame or with it? Well, that constitutes the work scheme: a "skeleton" on which you are going to build the final text.

Draft:Once you organize the ideas to be developed, you put the information in writing. Some aspects should keep in mind when writing the draft.

Appropriate titles:For the topic to be developed, the communicative intention and the reading public to get attention from the beginning.

Consistency:Ideas must be developed with an internal logical order that guarantees their meaning; the sentences that make up a paragraph and the paragraphs that make up the text should make sense.

Cohesion:Cohesive mechanisms seek order and external linking of ideas in the text. The proper use of connectors (text markers), punctuation marks and ellipsis (deletion of words) help with the fluency of the writing. The use of pronouns and synonyms to avoid unnecessary repetitions.

Stylistic Harmony:The style of the text should be uniform in terms of the language used and the way ideas are presented. If I start being formal (with a standard-formal lexicon), the ideal is that this tone is maintained throughout the writing.

Impeccable syntax:You must take care of how grammatically structures the statements, always ensuring that they conform to the rules already known.

Perfect spelling:Writing or speaking well is our best cover letter if we want to positively impress the other. Also, the correct use of punctuation marks ensures that your ideas are embodied and interpreted as you conceive them.

Review:Once you have written the essay, you review it. What aspects should you review? Spelling (accentuation), coherence (background), cohesion (form), syntax. We must "polish" the text of repetitions, contradictions, and ambiguities.

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