Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I get my essays from your website?

Just provide us the details of your essay and place an order. Our professional writers will start working on your order once the payment is received. The complete work will be delivered to you within your deadline.

2. Can I speak with someone before I purchasing it?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Support and Sales Agents are available 24/7 for live chat. Our team can also be contacted via email or on phone. We have a team of professionals serving you with dedication.

3. What if my faculty identifies my work to be done by someone else?

They can only discover it if you reveal it yourself. We maintain privacy and have set very strict rules for disclosing it with others. For further details, you may visit our "Privacy Policy" section.

4. How can I place an order?

Visit the Order page and provide your order details. You are encouraged to provide maximum details to avoid ambiguities. Set your delievery date and make payment. You will get a confirmation email as soon as you make payment.

5. Can we receive Essays on an urgent basis?

Yes, you can. We are proud that our qualified team has never missed any deadline. We understand that we have to deliver quality work on time to stay in business. However, please note that a surcharge fee will be applicable for urgent orders (delivery under 48 hours).

6. Will I receive revisions of my essay as per my requirements?

Contact us immediately for corrections if there is a need. Our writers always accept and welcome revision requests, but only if you review it within your set date. We are ready to make adjustment regardless of the number of changes needed, but we cater them within a certain time frame.

7. Are the prices offered on your website against services are cheapest?

Possibly Not. The internet is full of websites offering services at the cheapest rate, but they compromise on Quality and deliver subpar content. They hire an incompetent workforce on a terribly low pay scale. We understand the worth of Quality Content, and our team is comprised of well qualified experienced professionals. Our job is to satisfy not only our clients but also our team. We pay them according to their knowledge and experience. We promise to deliver the best content, not the Cheapest.

8. I want Plagiarism-free content. How do you ensure it?

We provide the Guarantee of delivering a 100% original content that is written after thorough research. We have the most advanced plagiarism detection tools available. Every writing is checked and passed through it before delivery. We make sure that your reputation is not compromised at any stage as it is a matter of our Reputation and Growth as well.

9. There are many Essay writing services available on the internet. Why should I rely on your service?

We've been serving as an "Essay Writing Service" for nearly a decade. We are known for delivering Reliable and Quality content. If we weren't good in our craft, we would not have survived in this business.

10. Can you guarantee to provide me an Essay through which I can secure "A"?

Our authors always try to deliver quality content to help you secure good grades but unfortunately, we cannot promise to get you an A. We have set high standards in terms of quality, but we cannot control others' responses. Still, we assure you that your work will always stand out from the rest.

11. Do you have a team of authors specialized in delivering domain-specific Research Paper?

We assign authors on a project after evaluating their degree and expertise. Most of the times, they are an expert in their field as most of them are serving from many years. This gives us an edge over others as our team precisely knows what you are actually looking for.

12. What is your copyright policy?

After receiving content, you become the owner of the document with full permissions. We do not have a policy of archiving your proposals and documents once the payment is received. We respect your privacy and takes necessary measures to maintain it. We disassociate ourselves after delivering content. We will never re-sell, print, or publish your work in any manner.

13. What are the areas of expertise that your team can work on as an assignment?

We have a team of professionals with a sound educational background. We have experts from disciplines of life like Economy, Physical Sciences, Law, Political Science, Literature, Psychology, Sociology, to name a few. Advanced topics like Finance, Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Telemetry is handled exclusively and may cost you extra bucks to order.

14. How can I trust your services, especially when there are many inexpensive options available online?

We believe in delivering 100% original work while maintaining the quality. Before placing an order, you may check customer reviews. Our objective is to produce high-quality content so that we may become the first choice of our customers. That is why we have more than 90% repeated customers.

15. Do the prices vary according to the requirements?

The cost of our services depends on various factors like the chosen topic, the number of pages, delivery time, and the classes in which students are studying as they are expected to write content accordingly. Cost may also vary based on the nature of content required; Inclusion of Infographic may increase pricing.

16. Do you provide customer support in the evening?

We have reliable and efficient customer support available 24/7. You may contact us at any time if you have any queries. Our staff will love to help you.

17. How will you ensure the timely delivery of my paper?

We follow the timeline very strictly as we are very serious about the delivery date. We make sure that not only the document is completed but is also up to the mark. We keep a close check on progress and will update you instantly if we feel that it seems not possible. We demand extra charges for urgent orders (less than 48 hours). After receiving an order, we ensure its timely delivery as it gets assigned to one of our experienced writers for investigation and structuring. You may ask for your write-up progress at any point and may demand a working copy.

18. How do you assign my order to a writer?

The writer's selection depends on the requested writing. We choose the author from our pool on the bases of the required skill set, domain knowledge, and availability. We know very well that the same author cannot serve both language and finance-related requests.

19. I'm enrolled for a doctoral degree. Can you offer services to this level?

Yes, we can. Most of our writers are graduate and have a strong professional background. We make sure that your work is always assigned to domain experts that have the required skill set so that they can easily assist you.

20 After it's done, how can I get my paper?

You will get an email when your task is finished. Log in on our website after you get an email. You can find the complete work in your account on our website.