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Lab reports can be pretty monotonous to write. Writing a lab report can feel like a waste of your precious time, especially when you know you will be presenting your research and your results anyway. Many advanced courses include a laboratory report and lab reports are considered an important part of the grade. Some teachers provide a format that should be used to prepare a laboratory report. Here you will find a format to follow when your teacher does not give you one. A laboratory report aims to communicate research in a standardized, clear, and systematic way. Lab report writing is a complicated task that requires a proper representation of the scientific data. Each lab report should follow a specific structure and include such sections as a title, abstract, introduction, method, results, and references.

What is a Laboratory Report?

Lab Report is written to account for the process required to experiment. It is widely used by engineers. The structure of the laboratory report depends on the objectives of each course, therefore, it is possible that the structure presented below should add or change some aspects requested by the instructor.

General Information:

Name of the experiment, laboratory number, group members, teacher's name, subject, date of completion of the experiment and delivery date of the laboratory report.

The objective of the experiment:

What the experiment was done for, what was the goal.

Theoretical framework:

(Depending on the needs) Concepts or theories that support the procedure and the steps taken towards the goal or objective.

Data or observations:

They refer to the quantities derived from measurements and used in the calculation process.

Calculations and results:

These are the results that arise from processing the data according to the concepts or theories that underlie the procedure.


They complement the data or represent information derived from the calculations.


It consists of presenting the analysis of the results obtained, through the comparison between the concepts and theories and the results.


It is a synthesis of the report

Answers to the questions:

In each practice, some important questions are asked that must be answered in this report. The answer must be clear and consistent.


It consists of referring the bibliography used to prepare the report. Generally, APA Standards are used for the presentation of the bibliography.

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