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  • By Oliver Jack
How to End Your College Application Essay

The college essay has significance in your educational career. It is your chance to stand out from the rest of talented applicants. According to research; The college application essay

“In 2004, more than 1.8 million high school graduates applied to at least one of 4000 colleges and universities”

That means the admissions officers receive thousands of applications per year. They don’t have more than 5-10 minutes to check your essay. So, they’re more likely to remember college essays that have a strong conclusion.

Conclusion is the part of the essay that has the power to leave a lasting impression on the reader. Let’s learn how to conclude a college essay effectively.

How to Write the Conclusion Of College Essay With Impact

It's very important to tie everything together strategically at the end of your college essay. Use these strategies to create an effective conclusion:

Restate Your Thesis in a Fresh Way

Your thesis statement is the core of your essay. it's crucial to return to it in the conclusion. But don't restate it as it is. Recreate your thesis statement in an engaging way. It will remind the reader of the main point. (If you have a hard time with writing or restating a thesis as well, read The complete guide to help you write an essay)

Example: "This competition helped me to explore this inner strength. Now I don’t fear delivering outstanding speeches.

Use a full-circle structure

To create a satisfying conclusion, you have to reconnect to the beginning of your essay. Discuss any of the ideas you mentioned in the beginning and connect them to your thesis. This is called the “full circle technique’ where you tie the ending to the beginning. It provides a sense of closure and unity to your essay. Also, it leaves a lasting impression on your reader.

Example: "Returning to my humble beginnings as a shy freshman; I've emerged from high school a confident valedictorian. I am eager to carry this growth into college."

End With An Action

Engage your reader by suggesting a course of action. You have to make them think about the message you are giving and its implications. Your conclusion should have enough potential to make them reflect on their takeaways.

Example: "What solutions will you develop In your pursuit of higher education, to address these issues? Challenge yourself to be the change-maker your generation needs."

Look Forward

Provide insight into the broader implications of your subject matter Encouraging your readers to think about the potential effects or consequences of your ideas. These insights in your conclusion will encourage the readers to think beyond the pages of your essay.

Example: "As I start college, I'm excited to study environmental science. I want to help find new ways to fight climate change. My aim is to make our planet healthier for the next generations."

College Application Essays Tips

There are thousands of candidates who submit their essays. So, you have to go the extra mile if you want to stand out. Remember these tips while writing your essay and leave a lasting impression on your admission officer.

  • Share your unique story and tell them why you are a good fit for the college.
  • Admissions officers want to know about your real self. So, you have to be honest and authentic.
  • Try to write in a conversational tone. Don't make it formal.
  • Proofread your essays carefully before submission.
  • Don’t write it in a rush. Start early and give yourself enough time to write and revise your essays.
  • Choose a topic that is meaningful to you. (If you wonder can the title of an essay be a question? Read about it too.)
  • Finish on a high note.

College Application Essays Tips

Concluding your college essay is crucial, but there are things to avoid while for the perfect ending. Let's emphasize some endings that can negatively affect the impact of your essay.

Don't Just Repeat or Restate Your Thesis

It may seem insignificant to just restate your thesis statement at the conclusion of your essay. Admissions officers are looking for new perspectives. As they have already read your thesis, it's not something impressive for them.

Why to Avoid It:
This approach doesn’t leave a memorable impression. As It doesn't add new value to your essay.

Don't End with a Cliché

Using the words; "In conclusion" or "To sum it up" makes your conclusion boring. Using such terminology may not help you stand out.

Why to Avoid It:
Admissions officers have seen these phrases countless times. Your conclusion should be unique.

Don't Introduce New Topics

Never introduce new ideas in the conclusion. It will confuse the reader and your essay will seem incomplete.

Why to Avoid It:
Your conclusion should wrap up the existing ideas. Introducing new ideas is a wrong practice.

Don't Change the Tone or Argument Style

You should follow the same tone throughout your writing. Abruptly changing the tone in your conclusion can disturb the reader and make it less smoother.

Why to Avoid It:
It makes your conclusion inconsistent. You need to provide a cohesive reading experience to the reader.

Don't Simply Summarize the Essay

It could be unnecessary to restate the major ideas of your essay in the conclusion. Admissions officers already know what you've discussed.

Why to Avoid It:
Your conclusion should give them something beyond a recap. Otherwise, it will not leave a good impression.

Don't Be Overly Formal

This part of your essay allows you to create a relationship with the reader through your insights. Don’t be overly formal in your conclusion.

Why to Avoid It:
A formal conclusion can make you sound distant and detached. Use a conversational tone to make a connection with the reader.

Don't End on a Negative Note

End your college essay on a positive and uplifting note. It will give your reader a sense of hope, purpose, or curiosity.

Why to Avoid It:
If you Conclude with negativity, it will leave a pessimistic impression.

Good luck with your essay!

Follow these guidelines and create an impactful conclusion for your essay. Your beautiful conclusion will resonate in the minds of admission officers for a long.

If you’re still having a hard time with the conclusion of your essay, you can contact us anytime. Our Essay Writers are happy to guide you through the process.